What is an Aluminum Extrusion Profile?

by Thomas E.

Using an aluminum extrusion profile to design a product has over time gained recognition around the globe. Extrusion in this case is a technique that’s mostly used to uniformly section different aluminum profiles. It’s a process that allows for the smooth production of high-quality products often at a lower cost. Simply put, the aluminum extrusion profile helps you to produce designs with great properties.

In this article, you will find out what aluminum extrusion profile is, and the different ways it can be applied.

Aluminum Extrusion Profile – What is it?

Aluminum Extrusion is a process that involves the forcing of an aluminum alloy material using a particular profile with cross-section.

It’s just like squeezing out an amount of toothpaste through its give. Here, a ram with a powerful pressure pishes the aluminum to go through a die. The aluminum finally emerges from the provided die opening after the push.

After that, the aluminum takes the shape of the die when it’s pushed out. A runout table is used to keep the aluminum once it’s pulled out.

Usually, the process of carrying out an aluminum extrusion profile can be understood by most people.

Types of Aluminum Extrusion Profile

Aluminum extrusion profiles are often classified as end products that can be used for structuring. Oftentimes, you will find an aluminum profile, made specifically to suit any automation you want to use it for. There two major types of profiles here and they are applied differently;

1. Construction Profiles

Regardless of how low their net weight is, the construction profiles tend to offer torsional and high bending stiffness. This includes solar frames, panels, and a host of other structures for constructing scenarios and platforms.

2. Architectural Profiles

The architectural profiles are mostly useful for completing the finishes of different surfaces. They can be applied differently for doors, windows, curtain walls, and other types of frameworks.

What Types of Shapes are Extruded in Aluminum Extrusion Profile?

There are many shapes you can create using aluminum extrusion. But there are three major categories and they are:

  • Semi-hollow dies
  • Hollow does
  • Solid dies

Why Should You Use Aluminum Extrusion Profile?

Mostly, aluminum is a material that is used in extrusion and shaping profiles. This is because it has certain mechanical properties that make it a perfect option for forming and shaping metals to create billet sections.

Further, it has high malleability, which ensures that metals are shaped readily into different sections. This doesn’t require a lot of energy when it comes to the process of forming or tooling. Also, when dissolving the aluminum, its melting point is not up to that of regular steel.

In the end, you can see that the process of an aluminum extrusion doesn’t involve lots of energy that may in turn mean a high cost of manufacturing. Aluminum has a higher strength than weight, and this makes it an ideal choice when it comes to industrial uses.

Final Thoughts

In summary, there are varieties of aluminum profiles that are all ideal when it comes to building applications used for automation. If you’re looking for a good material for structuring, you should opt for aluminum, especially if it’s for profile extrusion.

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