Top Benefits of Plastic Injection Moulding

by Thomas E.

Plastic injection molding is the process of injecting molten material into mold by use of materials like metals, glasses, thermoplastic, thermosetting polymers to produce parts. Plastic injection molding is mostly used for rapid manufacturing coupled with other technologies. When CNC machining and 3D printing came into picture, the spotlight shifted. Mainly because it too a long time to create an injection molds.

There are several benefits that include;

Ideal for enclosures.

There are other methods for making boxes like CNC machining or vacuum casting but they are slower and consume a lot of materials. A part made of CNC machining will always have a radius in the inside corners. Enclosures have different shapes and sizes that include simple parts like trays and large plastic housings for sophisticated medical equipment. Plastic will not interfere with electromagnetic energy, it is less expensive, durable and light weight. Since the melted plastic is injected in to the mould at high pressure dimensional accuracy is not a problem


Some plastic remains are essential for medical applications. These plastics are biodegradable, biocompatible, lightweight, heat stable and therefore they are environmental friendly. Some can also be used for replacing joints that have a permanent contact with the body.

High volumes.

With plastics it is easier and quick to make more and duplicate parts and it is economic friendly. This aids in making generic items like syringes, containers and tubes. Complex tools especially injection molding projects will require complex mold tool.

Process control and reliability.

Over the years, the process has been continuously refined and improved hence reliable and with the digital controls plastic injection molding machines, the process can be effective.

 Reduce labour cost.

With plastic injection molding, you will enjoy low labor cost. This is because it is operated by machines and robots since it is an automated procedure hence little money required. Initial investment may lead to a high expenditure but the expenses are covered by the output of the machines. Unlike humans, machines can run for 24 hrs. without fatigue.

Highly competent.

Once the molds have been designed according to the needs. This process takes a few times to produce the plastic molded parts from a single mould. You can replicate the same several times without tampering with the dimensions of the mold. After time mostly due to heat and high pressure, some molds need servicing.

Increased strength.

The consumer receives durable plastic molded parts since it increases the strength of the molded parts hence it can use different sorts of plastic simultaneously.

Plastic molding services can be found in several places worldwide and most produce high quality plastic injection molded parts.

Low volume injection coupled with 3D printing can save you a lot of time and money if properly utilized. With a 3D printer you can create molds faster. Of course they cannot be used for long runs but are suitable for low volume injection. You do not have to wait and pay a hefty amount for a Steel or Aluminum mold.

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