Top Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding

by Thomas E.

Injection molding is a method used to produce plastic products and parts. In fact, the method is widely used due to its advantages over other techniques, such as blast molding. Other than being a more reliable and simpler method, it is quite efficient. The following are some of the top benefits of using custom injection molding services in making plastic components and parts.

Ability to Make Parts with Complex Geometry

You should note that injection molds are exposed to high pressure. Therefore, the plastic material is pressed harder against mold than other molding processes. Since it is subjected to high pressure, you can add different design details. Also, high pressure makes it possible to create a part with intricate and complex shapes. In manufacturing, it is easier to design parts with complex geometry, but it is difficult to manufacture them.

High Efficiency

After designed injection molds to meet customer needs, the molding process becomes quicker than other manufacturing methods. In fact, the process does not take much time, and it allows different parts to be made from a mold. High output makes the injection molding quite efficient and cost-effective. You can also make products with consistent quality and faster cycle times. However, it is difficult to change the colors, and the hot runners cannot accommodate heat-sensitive polymers.

Enhanced Strength

The good thing about plastic injection molding is the ability to use fillers. Ideally, you need the fillers to reduce the density of the part being molded. Also, you can use them to add strength. Where parts are required to be durable and strong, plastic injection molding is the best process to use.

Use of Different Types of Plastics

With injection molding, you can use different types of plastics simultaneously. Ideally, you can do this with the help of co-injection molding. With this process, you do not have to be limited to using a certain type of plastic only.

Can be Automated

With the fact that plastic injection molding is automated, you can save on manufacturing costs. Most tasks of the injection molding process are done by robotics and machines, which can be controlled by a few skilled operators. The good thing about automation is that it helps minimize overhead and manufacturing costs. With reduced labor costs, you can pass the cost benefits to the customer.

The other benefit of automation is the ability to make accurate and precise injection molds. In this case, CAD and CAM make it possible to produce parts with tight tolerances.

Injection molding means that parts made do not require much work after manufacturing. That is because parts have the desired finished appearance when ejected from injection molds. The truth is that injection molding is an environmentally-friendly manufacturing technique. That is because the plastic waste generated during manufacturing is re-used. Thus, this manufacturing technique produces minimal waste.

Injection molding is used in a wide range of industries. That is because nearly all industries utilize plastic parts. For instance, it is used in making household items, automotive parts, military components, aviation parts, marine components, and more. Ideally, it is difficult to imagine how the world can operate without plastics.

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