Guide to the Categories of 3D printers

by Thomas E.
3D printer

Back in the day, the use of 3D printers was quite a luxury for most persons as the printers were even hard to come by. However, the tide has changed in recent times, and there are lots of affordable 3D printers on the Creality platform. It’s essential to note that these printers have diverse functions and their prices are hugely dependent on these functions and specifications.

3D printers are classified into various categories based on the capabilities, size and features. If you’ve ever been confused about which particular type will serve you best, this article provides enough insight into the various categories of 3D printers available in today’s market.

Entry Level category printers

This category of printers is particularly suited to people who are still learning the rope as regards 3D printing. Entry-level 3D printers provide ample learning experience for beginners with a much-reduced printing capacity. This category of 3D printers is also limited to the use of one filament during the printing process. You could always get these set of 3D printers at a relatively modest price range.

Hobbyist category printers

You could get a hobbyist 3D printer whenever you want to step up your printing game. This category of 3D printers is much more advanced in functionality and flexibility when compared to printers in the 3D category. Your creativity is also enhanced as the hobbyist 3D printers allow you to express yourself more via your 3D models. These printers will enable you to create models with dimensions ranging from 4inches to 6inches.

Enthusiast category printers

This category houses 3D printers with robust features, and these printers have faster processors than the previous types. You’re also able to print with more varieties of materials using these sets of printers with the possibility of printing 8inches to 12inches 3D products. However, it’s important to note that these set of printers are not suited to continuous use; enthusiast 3D printers provide the perfect audition for the final step up to the professional category.

Professional category printers

Just as the name given to this category of printers imply, these printers are tailored to print high-quality 3D products. Apart from the fact that they operate at optimal speed, these printers can also print a wide variety of distinct colors to give your work a stylish outlook. Professional categories of 3D printers are suited to the use of educational facilities and businesses. It’s essential to point out that professional 3D printers also require a certain degree of expertise for smooth operation.

Industrial category printers

These printers are rightly referred to as the heavyweight category of 3D printers, and this isn’t far from the truth. Industrial 3D printers possess a high level of range when it comes to production capabilities and efficiency. These machines are also usually sturdy in the build as they are made for a wide variety of printing modes.

Final thought

The use of 3D printers is starting to gain widespread acclaim, and many industries and businesses are beginning to embrace the numerous opportunities that accompany this technology. However, 3D printers vary in capabilities and functionality, and it’s essential to acquire the most suitable 3D printer for your needs.

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