The Main Benefits of CNC Cutting for Plastic Parts

by Thomas E.

Plastic manufacturing is an industry that covers various processes and each brings something unique and specific. Each of them is best suited for certain types of applications on account of the other processes.

CNC cutting for plastic is one of the most common processes in the world. If we were to make a ranking of all those processes, then CNC routing would be at the very top of that list.

Here is a list of the main benefits of CNC cutting for plastic parts. That way, we can have a better understanding of why manufacturers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and product designers use CNC cutting so much.

Accuracy & precision

CNC cutting offers perfection in every produced part. Each produced part can be as accurate and precise as the first one without any problem. However, you need to use the services of someone that has plenty of experience in CNC cutting.


The entire CNC routing process can be completely automated. A single design can be cut over and over again for as many times as needed. A single operator can control the entire process and intervene only when it is needed to change a cutting tool. 

Very often manufacturers leave the machine to work overnight even without any supervision. All it takes is simple programming to make the CNC running until the order is completed. 

Minimal manpower costs

In almost every production process manpower accounts for a significant percentage of the overall cost of the product. 

CNC machines nowadays are almost like robots and don’t require much assistance. Once the production parameters are set, the rest is pretty much automated. As mentioned earlier, a single person can control more machines without any problem. 

Plus, the operator can be even a low skilled worker without a college degree or many years of experience. 

Adaptive & flexible

CNC machines can adapt to any new circumstances. You can stop production of one part and immediately switch to another one featuring different features, or even different material. Just switch the cutting tools and add the new parameters.


The fact that the cutting process doesn’t include too much human control, it means that it’s safe. Furthermore, the machinery comes with a bunch of safety features and protocols designed to prevent accidents. Even if it comes to some manufacturing malfunction, the process will stop without causing any harm to others.

Production of Prototypes & Limited Series

We live in a time of startups when limited series of products and prototypes are in high demand. Plus, most of the startups can’t afford large orders and typically work with limited budgets. 

CNC cutting is ideal for them as it can produce prototypes or limited series of a product for a relatively low cost. At least way lower when compared with other plastic manufacturing methods. 

In conclusion

The biggest issue with CNC cutting is not the technology or anything related to that, but the human operators. The people that handle the process and make sure it all goes smoothly as it should. 

As mentioned earlier, the involvement of people is limited. But CNC machines still rely on human input and maintenance. If you are using the services of someone that has years of experience in CNC cutting, then rest assured that you shouldn’t be worried about the production of the part, but focus on the other parts of your business.

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