Can the XRF Gold Analyser be Trusted?

by Thomas E.

Factually, all elements are unique in their way. Another fun fact is that the light spectrum is useful in the identification of certain, if not all materials. It is simple science. But the way it works is more fun than it might seem. The XRF gold analyzer works similarly but for a specific material.

The use of the XRF gold analyzer in testing gold materials is a given. But there is more. The analyzer could also be used to analyze the purity of silver materials. As well as the silver content in a given sample or material.

The XRF gold analyzer functions by analyzing the characteristics of gold after excitation. Most elements react or behave in a certain way after excitation. The excitation referred to here is done or initiated by light.

How Exactly Does the XRF Gold Analyser Work?

After excitation, the atoms at the ground level of materials rise. They rise from ground zero to higher energy levels. To rise or be excited, however, there needs to be a decent supply of energy. There are various sources of energy supply. But the demand for this analyzing process is somewhat specific.

The energy used for this is a suitable light source. All excited atoms however must return to ground level eventually. This excitation and eventual dropping to ground level release energy. In this case, the energy is viewed as light.

With the release of energy, each material also shows a unique imprint. Each element has its unique character when viewed as light spectra. The intensity of the results shows just how much of said element is present.

The Litong spectrometer when paired with a photodetector form the final part of the technique. They capture the light released from the process. The captured light is converted to electrical energy and the resulting output is studied.

The material under study should have a unique and already known curve pattern. The resulting curve gotten from the process is compared with the pre-existing result. Then the content or purity of the material under study is calculated.

The quality of the material present could be analyzed using this technique. The quantity of the material could also be analyzed using a similar technique. The XRF gold analyzer, however, is more of a qualitative test.

Hence the XRF gold analyzer is used in determining the quality of a gold material or sample. It is an essential tool in differentiating original from fake gold samples. The technique behind it has been employed in various fields.

As technology advances, it has equally become a lot easier to make top-notch fakes and counterfeits. This brings up to need for an equally outstanding method of identifying said counterfeits. The use of the XRF gold analyzer is one such surefire methods.


With this technology, the jewelry industry would particularly benefit. But our concern for this article is gold. The XRF gold analyzer uses this technology soundly. Hence using the machine to analyze gold products couldn’t be a more perfect application.

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