Best Shipping Options For China to US Orders

by Thomas E.

The soul of every business is getting orders and successfully fulfilling them at the right time. When fulfilling orders, you consider important things like packaging materials and shipping costs. Like shipping from China to US, long-distance shipping might be trickier than shipping within the country. There are factors to consider when shipping from a far distance, some of them are:

Urgency Of Need

Medical supplies need the fastest shipping method, while clothing might not be as pressing as medical supplies.

Cost Of Shipping

The cost of shipping must be considered when choosing a shipping option. Affordable shipping takes longer while faster shipping might be more expensive.

Traditional businesses use two prevalent forms of shipment, air and ocean freight. However, due to urgency, the vulnerability of goods, and cost, these shipping methods might not be appropriate for the modern man.

Ocean Freight: Ocean freight is also known as the sea freight. It is the most prominently used form of shipping. Sea freight is responsible for more than 90% of goods shipped worldwide. This method is cost-effective, perfect for bulky and large goods, also very friendly to the environment. The downside is that it is slow, and tracking is difficult.

Air Freight:Air freight is also called air cargo. Although not as used as ocean freight, this is an appropriate form of transportation for urgent goods. Air freight is faster and more flexible than the ocean freight. One ultimate disadvantage is the cost of transportation through air. Air transportation is very costly. Below are some budget-friendly options for China to US shipping with Nextsmartship.

Shipping Options Available With Nextsmartship

China Postal Service: This is one of the leading partners of Nextsmartship, also known as China Post. They deliver parcels within China and beyond. The China Postal service is popularly used by an online retail store called Aliexpress.

Strengths Of China Postal Service

Relatively Affordable Shipping:China postal services offer very affordable shipping, mostly used for small packages. The shipping fee can be as little as $10, and some items even come with free shipping.

Tracking Options: Most China postal services come with tracking options, keeping you aware of your product’s location.

Weaknesses of China Postal Service

Long Shipping Period: Shipping with the use of China posts can take a long period. Products urgently needed are not appropriate for China posts.

Damaged Goods:This happens from time to time, seeing damaged goods due to rough handling.

DHL:The DHL option is also a very established choice in delivering packages fast. Choosing DHL China or DHL Hong Kong can get you cheaper shipping to the US.

Strengths Of DHL

Fast Delivery: DHL is perfect for goods that need urgency. It can take DHL 2-5 days to ship goods to the US.

Safety: DHL is very particular about safety. Goods are safer and more secured when choosing the DHL option.


Cost: The DHL shipping option can cost up to three times fees for China posts.

Final Thoughts:

Choosing an appropriate shipping option is best when you consider the type of goods you want to ship. Nextsmartship assures cost-efficient prices for every business owner transporting any category of goods.

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