Ways to Make Shipping from China to Germany Easier

by Thomas E.

Many importers face challenges when it comes to shipping from China. As you know, China is one of the economic superpowers. This is attributed to its immense growth in the last few decades. You can now find Chinese goods in nearly every country. They are now widely accepted by many people.

However, if you are a beginner in importing goods, then you may realize that shipping from China can be quite difficult if you are not careful. You do not want to be trapped by unforeseen delays, dishonest suppliers, and exorbitant delivery costs. Fortunately, many companies have joined this industry, and it is only a matter of getting the right shipping company. For instance, air freight shipping china to Germany is now possible. These are some of the tips to help you.

Find Multiple Quotes

In business, you want to reduce the risk. One of the ways to do it is to spread it out. In this case, you should reach out to several shipping companies. Look for companies that take care of entire shipping from China to your destination. Usually, the companies will evaluate the cargo based on factors such as container levies, terminal management costs, broker fees, and packaging modes. However, other factors do exist but vary from one carrier to another. With such factors, you can estimate your cost for shipping cargo.

Before asking for quotes, you want to ensure you only contact carries that serve your destination. You can enjoy discounted fees if you have significant volumes.


After choosing the right carrier, you have to take care of your goods. Therefore, you have to ensure your goods are packaged properly. As you know, the packaging is quite important for different reasons. First, it protects your consignment from the pressure that can cause damage. Moreover, it sends a good impression to the customers, and you can use it as a means of advertising.

Nowadays, there are different packaging options available. These are divided into standard, branded, and utility-oriented packaging. For courier shipments, the carrier provides different packaging options based on the goods.

Choose Freight Forwarder

If you want to ensure your shipping from China is efficient, you need to find a freight forwarder based in China. Remember that the freight forwarder will be in charge of logistics and documentation. In fact, the right freight forwarder ought to organize the movement of the goods from consignor to port for shipping. When you hire a freight forwarder, you ensure operations run according to plan without interruptions.

Insure Your Goods

The truth is that cargo insurance is critical for goods. That is because it offers you a sense of security if something goes wrong or your goods get damaged. Ensure you get an affordable cover for all your goods to ensure your goods arrive safely. There are many companies that provide cargo insurance. Remember that it is the responsibility of the owner to insure goods. Always reach out to your freight forwarder to know where your goods are at any particular time. You should not assume that your freight forwarder knows everything concerning your cargo.

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