Making miniature Trees – Here’s what You Should Know

by Thomas E.

In addition to being economical, the grass is very easy to get and very manageable. You just have to give it the shape you want, maybe more abstract or very detailed. Everything is dependent on your skill and time. Every layout deserves a tree to be more beautiful. One of such trees that you may consider placing is the miniature trees for models.

Here, you’ll be learning the necessary techniques to improve the presentation of your miniature trees for models, created with homemade and accessible materials.

How to make miniature trees

1. Skeleton fabrication

For the production of miniature trees, the skeleton of the tree recovers, the section of this wire depends only on the tree to be reproduced. The section of the strands of the person making the tree will also be needed. Some people prefer it quite large (8/10) because it works better and holds in place well. Others will choose finer strands (4/10) which will feature smaller branches.

In skeleton Fabrications, the wire is soldered at its base, so that all the strands hold together. Twist the whole to give the future branches of your “trees”. Also, remember to weld your branches from place to place, to make them hold…

2. Making the bark

For this part, use a mixture of plaster and pigments of different colors (the cheapest, at the local DIY store) but you can also take sawdust or other product. Brush the main branches of the tree with wood glue using a small brush and then sprinkle the “device” (plaster) on the tree.

Tap it a little and repeat the operation as many times as necessary, for the manufacture of miniature trees. Let it dry a little and as soon as the plaster starts to set, take a (hard) brush to represent the “grooves” of the bark (it all depends on the tree to be reproduced, for a plane tree this will not be the case).

3. Foliage

Start by tearing it into several thin layers. Then, with a spray or your airbrush, paint it black. Why black? When you look at the tips of the branches, they are almost always black!

Once the tree is completely dry, paint the tips of the branches black with spray paint, and the trunk in the color of your choice. Remember that, on the north side, you have a little moss from time to time.

Now, put small bits of the filter in it, add, and remove until complete satisfaction. For the manufacture of miniature trees, apply a veil of matt varnish (spray) then sprinkle with Heki or Woodland type foam to give life to the tree! It’s recommended to go for the “end” reference of the range.

Remember to finish off with a darker veil of green on the surface of the tree.


Making a space appear beautiful is what trees are known for. In this article, the steps of creating a beautiful miniature tree are described. You can try it out on your own, and ensure to remain focused while at it.

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