The use of gearbox motors in the automotive industry

by Thomas E.
gearbox motors

Several top industries are beginning to ally their products to ingenious methods that ensure ease of usage. In other words, automation has become the order of the day, and it’s increasingly difficult to see a future in technology that doesn’t incorporate these methods.

Automation refers to the adoption of an innovative approach to the production and distribution of goods and services that involve the use of technology. One avenue where innovation is being deployed for beneficial purposes in the automotive industry. Cars with advanced automated capabilities are now preferred to those without these capabilities. The use of miniature planetary gearbox is particularly intriguing, and there’s even more. This article takes a look at some of the applications of automation in the automotive industry. 

Power liftgate

This feature can be found in most of the new models of cars being manufactured today; the feature enables you to effortlessly close and opens your vehicle’s liftgate. In most vehicles, there’s a sensor that’s installed on the backside of the car that quickly detects an obstruction when the liftgate opens; the sensor automatically stops the movement of the liftgate. This is an extremely advantageous feature that makes it easy for you to open and shut the liftgate when your hands are full. Furthermore, you could set the liftgate to open up to a specific height for added convenience. The automation of power liftgates remains one of the most useful innovations in recent times.

Electric power steering

Gone are the days when you would have to use all your strength in turning your steering around a sharp corner. The increasing use of power steering wheels has made driving less stressful, and this is quite beneficial in many ways. Furthermore, the automation of steering wheels eliminates the need for hydraulic fluids and steering pumps, amongst others. There’s much more flexibility and efficiency when it comes to electric power steering.

Electric parking brake

Parking brakes are used to restrict vehicles from moving when parked; the restriction works for both forward and backward movement of the car. The type of handbrakes you know is probably the one that sticks out right out of the side of the driver’s seats. However, the use of manual braking system in vehicles is gradually being phased out for electric parking brakes. Electronic parking brakes are automated and offer much more efficient when compared to the manual braking system. The electric parking brake has a more stylish design as it takes the shape of a button in most vehicles. Apart from the fact that the electric handbrake gives your car’s cabin a more elegant appearance, it also offers more capabilities. The electric parking brake has an electronic module that acts based on the signals received from the braking button.

Final thoughts

Automation remains a vital driving force in the automotive industry today. This article highlights some top uses of automation in automobiles, and this includes the use of gearbox motors in electric power steering.

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